Poetry in America for Teachers

Poetry in America For Teachers is a series of courses designed specifically for secondary school educators interested in developing their expertise as readers and teachers of literature. In this series of courses, offered for professional development, undergraduate credit, or graduate credit, we will consider those American poets whose themes, forms, and voices have given expression to visions of urban life, the natural world, and the arts.

Deep study of the poems and poets on our syllabus will provide teachers the opportunity to develop their expertise as classroom educators. As teachers develop and practice advanced strategies for studying American poetry themselves, they also will gain rich new resources for the classroom. These courses will introduce content and techniques intended to help educators teach their students how to read texts of increasing complexity.  The courses will meet relevant educational standards for grades 6-12, including the Common Core State Standards.



Poetry in America for Teachers features a combination of video tutorials and conversations, archival images and texts, expeditions to historic literary sites, sample classroom visits, and practical exercises designed to support skills development.  In this course you will:



The course is appropriate for educators at all stages of their teaching careers. No specialized scholarly knowledge of American poetry is required.

Course participants are encouraged to enroll with fellow educators from their schools.


Poetry in America for Teachers will be offered for the Spring 2018 semester. Please check back in November for registration.