Every semester, hundreds of K-12 teachers from across the United States and around the world enroll in Poetry in America courses at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.  In addition to earning professional development hours or graduate credit, they leave with a firm grasp on content area knowledge, teaching strategies and resources to bring into their own classrooms, and they join a warm and supportive global community of fellow educators.

This is the most valuable professional development I have had as an English teacher. I am taking as many courses as I can because I am so thrilled by how they have invigorated my teaching.”
– Educator enrolled in Poetry in America online course

Poetry in America for Teachers Course Suite

Two of our Poetry in America courses were designed specifically with K-12 teachers in mind:

Poetry in America for Teachers courses feature content relevant to the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standards in grades 6-12, but teachers from any grade level or subject area are welcome–and encouraged!–to enroll.  We’ve enjoyed working with a number of science, art, and drama teachers over the years, as well as school librarians and administrators. By watching course videos–including a number of videos filmed in K-12 classrooms–and by engaging in weekly discussions with the course community, Poetry in America for Teachers enrollees will master advanced strategies for teaching students how to close read complex texts, and, relatedly, for facilitating productive classroom discussion centered on those texts.

NOTE:  Enrollees in Poetry in America for Teachers courses are eligible to receive 90 Professional Development hours from the Harvard Graduate School of Education if they choose the non-credit option when enrolling.  Poetry in America is an approved CTLE provider for teachers in New York State.

I thought this course was the perfect mix of information that I could take back into my 8th grade classroom AND of high interest, high level learning that kept ME engaged as a learner. I loved both learning for myself as a student and for my students as a teacher.”
– Educator enrolled in Poetry in America online course

[Poetry in America] has been invaluable in helping me shape a new approach to asking questions ... This enriches my students, it enriches me, and it makes me a better teacher.”
– Educator enrolled in Poetry in America online course

Poetry in America Chronological Course Sequence

Our other for-credit courses take learners on a journey through the history of American poetry.  These include:

These three courses are also quite popular with teachers of English, history, social studies, and general humanities–as well as with librarians, undergraduate and graduate students in education, and others.  Although they do not include all the pedagogical scaffolding of our two Poetry in America for Teachers courses, they feature all of the other elements students value in Poetry in America courses: rich archival materials, one-on-one and roundtable interpretive discussions, and field trips around the nation.

We offer these courses on a rotating basis.  There is no prerequisite for enrollment, so feel free to take them in any order that works for you!  

Enrollees in our chronological sequence of courses can take the course for undergraduate or graduate credit, or they can choose the non-credit option.  Non-credit students will receive a certificate of completion from Poetry in America.

Visit the course catalog to view our upcoming offerings:


Looking for Content for Your Students?

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