Khriseten Bellows

Khriseten Bellows is a National Board Certified master teacher with almost thirty years of experience in urban, suburban, and international high schools and colleges. With a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and Literature from Naropa University, Khriseten majored in poetry, aided by Allen Ginsberg as her dissertation mentor. While finishing her Master’s in Education, Khriseten completed her thesis on, “Trilingual Acquisition in Young Children”. In addition, she is a certified Learning Differences Coach and TOEFL instructor dedicated to adapting strategies for individual support while maintaining rigor and fun. Having lived in five countries outside of the US, Khriseten is now based in San Diego, and currently serves as an instructor as well as course designer for the English, Communications, and Education Departments at United States University. Khriseten also delivered a group of lectures titled, “Hacks for Writing Instruction: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies for Producing Better, More Effective Writers” as a guest professor in the 2021 Aspen University Faculty Lecture Series. She has created and facilitated countless training opportunities for educators who wish to support students in becoming better writers.

For nine years, Khriseten has been a Teaching Fellow and Senior Consultant at Poetry In America. As an illustrator and calligrapher, Khriseten also loves to write about the juncture of science, poetry, and education, which can be found in magazines such as Nautilus and Higher Education. Hanging out with her son and climbing trees helps her maintain happiness and enthusiasm in life.