Suzannah Omonuk

Suzannah Omonuk (she/her) is a recent Master of Divinity Graduate, from Harvard Divinity school. She was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda, where she first became enamored of the poetry, proverbs and parables that had formed her identity. At Harvard Divinity school, she focused on the poetics of the belief systems that have shaped global history, and how the logos – the divine words of God – gave mortals the power to build empires and civilizations. An avid poet herself,  her master’s thesis, In the garden we sat weeping won the Fredrick Buechner prize for excellence in writing, awarded annually to two M.Div. scholars whose work best represents the ideals of writer-theologian Fredrick Buechner. A storyteller to the core, her interests in fashion and beauty are the more personal ways she enjoys playing with the creative act in its myriad forms!