The Production Design of Modernism

When we began filming the core segments for our Modernism course, the production team knew that we wanted to move beyond the one-note aesthetic of previous edX Poetry in America modules. We wanted to marry our visual approach to the mold-breaking spirit of Modernist poets themselves. Because the structure of the videos themselves wasn’t something we could experiment with, we turned to production design to explore the individual tone of each week. … Read more

True Grit: On Poetry and Character with the UNC Women’s Soccer Team

UNC Soccer has an incredible history of winning-- 22 NCAA championships over the last 36 years. While filming practice last month, we got to witness first-hand the speed, strength, and grit of these champions, followed by a discussed of Coleman Barks' "Glad" with the team, its legendary coach Anson Dorrance, and Macarthur Genius Angela Duckworth. How would a championship team respond to a poem in which the speaker's team loses ten-zip? … Read more

Poetry in America featured in The New Yorker

On December 14th, 2014, Elisabeth Denison wrote about The Nantucket Poetry Project for The New Yorker Culture Desk. Denison discusses Robert Pinsky’s “Shirt,” which originally appeared in The New Yorker in the late 80s. Long prior to creating a Season One episode of Poetry in America Elisa New was visualizing Pinsky’s poem with readings and discussions by Nas, Kate Burton, and Pinsky himself. … Read more
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