Nautilus Features Poetry in America Conversation with Richard Dawkins

What are the forces that shape us, that make us the way we are?  How much control do we have over the decisions we make each day?  Are we mere products of our environment, or do we have the power to transform the world around us? Questions like these have long guided research by scientists, social scientists, and philosophers.  But, as this Nautilus feature on Poetry in America’s conversation with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins demonstrates, such questions also lend themselves to poetic inquiry. … Read more

The Local Lyric: eTTo

Budding Massachusetts rapper/producer eTTo is a “lyrical chameleon” whose gruff voice and unconventional flow highlight his potential to emerge into the Hip Hop spotlight. One of our summer interns, Eniola Sodeke, produced a video to share eTTo's work with the world. … Read more

Production Diary: Poetry of Art, Sport, and Play

During the first two weeks of May, the Poetry in America team hit the road, filming classrooms at Greenwich Country Day School and Success Academy Charter Schools. The project? A new educational series on the Poetry of Art, Sport, and Play designed to help teachers and their students explore the intersections of poetry and other kinds of creativity-- whether artistic or athletic-- and to read with an eye toward fostering play and fun. … Read more
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