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“Modernism in America: Online Poetry Course” by James Fallows, The Atlantic, 4/25/16

As the years go by, I find poetry and fiction rising in their relative explanatory power and value — and obviously I’m talking about changes in my own perception rather than difference in the work. Thanks to Lisa New and her team for making this course available.”
– James Fallows, The Atlantic


Episode 82: Elisa New on Product Hunt [podcast], 4/13/16




“Poetry in America: Why we need art for social change” Alliance for Climate Education, 4/1/16


Through poetry, students are drawn closer to the natural world. Undoubtedly, the power of language and poetry can be harnessed to connect students who don’t have easy access to green spaces, to the beauty and importance of fighting for the environment.”
– Zena Zendejas, The ACE Blog


Poem Sampler: Poetry in America with Elisa New, The Poetry Foundation, 3/22/16



Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in April 2016, Class Central, 3/21/16



“HarvardX ‘Poetry in America’ Course Moves to TV” The Harvard Crimson, 9/22/15



“The Poetry Evangelist: Elisa New on the Power of Poetry” Inside Extension, 6/5/15


For New, the diversity of experience at the Extension School offers the opportunity to reach a broad audience, both globally and here in Cambridge ... As a self-described “poetry evangelist,” New is always encouraging others to find inspiration and meaning in poetry and everyday life.”
– Jennifer Doody, Inside Extension



“Whitman at War” Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, 6/2/15



“Finding Poetry in Nature,” Environment@Harvard, 5/27/15



“Darkness, Snow and Ice: The Literature Inspired by Winter” Radio Boston, 2/27/15




“The Web Poet’s Society,” The Atlantic, 1/7/15


New’s mission is to make poetry resonate with a broader audience: "We have to get outside the gates. What we have [in poetry] is too precious. We have to stop beating ourselves up about how the humanities are dying and instead ask, 'How do we reach all those intelligent people who love language, all those kids who delight in the rhymes of hip hop?'"”
– Kristina A. Bicher, The Atlantic



“Poetry on Film: Robert Pinsky’s ‘The Shirt'” The New Yorker, 12/9/14


Watch this on The Scene.


“Einstein Among the Daffodils” Nautilus, 11/13/14



“Harvard Basketball Players Read, Analyze Edward Hirsch’s ‘Fast Break’” SB Nation, 7/3/14





“Professing and Producing Poetry: Verse on Television” The Aspen Ideas Festival, 2014




“Harvard Goes All In for Online Courses” The Boston Globe, 5/18/14



“Poetry Spreads Its Web” The Harvard Gazette, 10/18/13



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