Poetry in America featured on Tomorrow Will Be Televised

On February 11th, Elisa New & two-time Poetry in America guest Donna Lynne Champlin were interviewed on Simon Applebaum’s online radio program “Tomorrow Will Be Televised.”  When discussing the difference between poetry and theater, Champlin said: “Poetry is everywhere. Poetry is a haiku on the subway, it’s a lyric to your favorite song, it’s a monologue, it’s just words put in a certain way that will inspire a certain feeling … the feeling that poetry is not easy to understand couldn’t be further from the truth.”

When asked whether picking the subjects or picking the poems was tougher, Professor New said: “Poems are about everything in the world: they’re about motherhood, they’re about fish in the sea, they’re about your family vacation, they’re about social justice issues, you name it. So I begin by thinking: “Let’s broaden people’s understanding of what a poem is.” Then I also think about, “how can we provide people experiences of all kinds of poems: poems that rhyme, poems that are from the 18th century, poems that are spoken from one person’s heart.” 

The program was simulcast on BlogTalk Radio, Spreaker, and TuneIn Radio, and the full recording is available to stream below.