A new summer intensive for students in India

This summer, in collaboration with the Big Red Group, and Arizona State University’s Center for Public Humanities, Poetry in America is launching a summer intensive workshop for high school students in India. 

The goal of the program is for learners to experience American poetry, and earn one ASU undergraduate credit that can be transferred to a university of their choice. Learners will also earn a certificate with their ASU credit that can be used on their resumes.

This week-long workshop, held from July 4th to July 12th, includes virtual instruction and pre-recorded video content led by the program’s mentor Ross Weissman – a poet, educator, and entrepreneur whose poetry has appeared in several publications. He holds a master’s degree in education from Harvard. 

The program is for beginning to advanced writers preparing for college-level humanities courses. Participants will learn in an interactive setting, with group discussions, case studies, and samples to critique intermixed with module-based activities. Virtual and offline versions of the program are available.