Poetry in America for High-Schoolers: The City from Whitman to Hip Hop

Poetry in America for High-Schoolers

Poetry in America, in partnership with the National Education Equity Lab, Arizona State University, and ASU Prep Digital, is pleased to the for-credit course Poetry in America: The City from Whitman to Hip Hop to high-school students.  Students who successfully complete the course will receive 3 widely transferable undergraduate credits from ASU.

What You’ll Learn

In this course, we consider those American poets whose themes, forms, and voices have given expression to visions of the city since 1850. Beginning with Walt Whitman, the great poet of nineteenth-century New York, we explore the diverse and ever-changing environment of the modern city—from Chicago to London, from San Francisco to Detroit—through the eyes of such poets as Carl Sandburg, Emma Lazarus, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Langston Hughes, Marianne Moore, Frank O’Hara, Gwendolyn Brooks, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Hayden, and Robert Pinsky, as well as contemporary hip hop and spoken word artists.

This course introduces content and techniques intended to help students and educators learn how to read texts of increasing complexity. Readings and activities were chosen and designed with the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standards in grades six through 12 in mind.  Watch the videos below to learn more!



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