School Group Enrollment at Arizona State University

We have seen time and time again that motivated students are capable of succeeding in a rigorous, college-level course while still in high school.  In our experience, students achieve their best results when provided with a “double layer” of support–that is to say, when they receive support from a Poetry in America Teaching Assistant and from their on-campus communities.

Student Selection

Poetry in America courses are suitable for self-motivated students who have the requisite readiness for college-level work in the humanities and can benefit from the college preparation and credential of mastery this experience offers. While we leave the selection process up to individual schools or districts, we recommend that schools select students from among their top performing students in English Language Arts as measured by grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations.   

Recommended Model

While we know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to offering a course to high-schoolers for college credit, we strongly recommend that schools provide Poetry in America enrollees a dedicated class period in which to complete coursework, under the supervision of an on-campus teacher (called a “Co-Teacher” in our model) and alongside their peers.  

Here are the staff roles we’d ask you to fill on your campus:


As described above, the Co-Teacher works with students during in-person meetings (ideally, a class period during the school day, but we understand that some groups will need to meet outside the school day).  Co-Teachers act as coaches and mentors, rather than as lecturers or graders. We will provide suggested in-class discussion prompts that Co-Teachers can use to design activities to enhance learning; however, Co-Teachers are not expected to teach the material to students.  We have lecture videos and Teaching Assistants for that!


Each school and/or district should appoint a site coordinator to be the primary contact for the Poetry in America team throughout the process. The site coordinator will work with the Poetry in America team to help ensure smooth operation of the program for all participating teachers and students. Co-Teachers may also serve as Site Coordinators, but we recommend selecting an administrator who can provide additional support.



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Arizona State University is pleased to offer group enrollment in order to make registration and payment as easy as possible for school groups.  Begin by filling out the below form in order to indicate your school’s interest in enrolling in a Poetry in America course at ASU in the future.  

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